Gluten and Dairy Free Baking

Thanks a mixture of necessity, inspiration, and the dedication of millions around the world, there are more recipes than ever in existence which cater to people suffering from gluten or dairy intolerance. Usually you’d have to scour the internet looking for your favourite, but below you’ll discover a range of different categories of gluten-free and dairy-free food ideas along with recommended recipes and links to where you can find them.

  • Breads

    Gluten and Dairy Free Baking

    One of the most popular gluten-free recommendations no matter where you look is bread. There was a time when gluten-free bread was expensive to both buy and make, but thanks to gluten-free flour, the floor is now open to anyone looking for delicious gluten-free bread.

    Perhaps one of the most useful recipes for general use is this Gluten-Free Sandwich bread. It isn’t as simple as some recipes – it requires tapioca starch, millet flour, and xanthan gum amongst other of its dry ingredients – but it’s one that can provide a staple for sandwich fanatics everwhere.

    Some of the more adventurous bakers out there can play around with their breads if they like, and it’s easy to do when there’s so many types of gluten-free bread to be made. Recipes like Zuchini Bread, Soft Pretzels, and some yummy Gluten Free Garlic Bread are all delicious.

    Sweet Breads

    Gluten and Dairy Free Baking

    There’s not just savoury breads to consider – sweet breads deserve their place in the spotlight as well. Of particular interest to those with a sweet tooth should be this gorgeous Honey Loaf.

    Even doughnuts aren’t out of the question these days for gluten-free eaters – IcedGemBakes has a fantastic doughnut recipe.

    Cakes and Muffins

    Gluten and Dairy Free Baking

    Not all gluten-free recipes need to be stodgy cakes with dense textures. One of the most indulgent cake recipes I’ve come across is by none other than Nigella herself. It’s a Chocolate Meringue Truffle cake and it requires fewer ingredients than you would think (and no flour of any sort, either). You can get this simple yet indulgent cake recipe here:

    Nigella’s also got some lovely muffin recipes on her website, though perhaps beating all of the others off with a stirring spoon is her gluten and wheat-free cinnamon raisin muffins. As with any muffin recipe, it’s as easy as substituting with wheat/gluten-free flour and waiting for the oven timer to go off.

  • Main Courses

    Many people associate gluten-free baking recipes with desserts and sweet treats, but there are plenty of options when it comes to savoury courses as well.


    Gluten and Dairy Free Baking

    One of the easiest gluten-free food groups to master, pasta can be baked in many different ways. One of the most appealing ways to make the dough itself is Jamie Oliver’s method, which is guaranteed to be fantastic because of his background in Italian cuisine.

    If you want something less fiddly however, you can choose this Gluten-Free Macaroni Recipe. It’s not the healthiest but it packs one hell of a flavourful punch.


    Gluten and Dairy Free Baking

    You don’t even have to miss out on Quiches if you’re gluten free these days. One recipe  that’s of particular interest due to its gluten and dairy-free ingredients is this Gluten and Dairy-Free Quiche Lorraine recipe from The Guardian. What sets this one apart is the use of potato flour for the pastry, which results in a richer flavour and crispier texture than simply using regular gluten-free flour.


    Gluten and Dairy Free Baking

    There’s a serious amount of leeway when it comes to desserts, but some are undoubtedly better than others. Macaroons are a great choice, and this rings especially true for these Lemony Almond Macaroons. They’re very easy to make and only require six different ingredients.

    One of the most impressive recipes to date however is that of the gluten-free, soy-free, no-bake cheesecake. This Raw Chocolate Cheesecake at Allrecipes is by far the finest example of gluten-free, no-bake cheesecake recipes that one can hope to find. Check the walnuts and dates in the base as well as the cashews in the filling – there’s no way that this cheesecake isn’t going to be every bit as tasty as it sounds.