The Betty Crocker Cookbook

The Betty Crocker Cookbook

Betty Crocker has become somewhat of a multi-media conglomerate in its own right since its creation in 1921, but few at that time could have envisaged the enormous, and potentially limitless quantity of recipes at the company’s disposal fitting into a device that fits in the palm of one’s hand. Fast forward to the present day and we’ve got the Betty Crocker Cookbook app, wonderfully designed and praised by its users around the world for its substantial content, high usability, and most importantly, its ability to raise your baking game up a notch or ten.

A Recipe Database

The Betty Crocker Cookbook app’s main appeal to avid cooks and bakers is its recipe database. The blurb on its Google Play Store page boasts that it offers over 15,000, which is a considerable number of recipes, particularly when you consider that each of them is tried and tested by its users as well as  at what one imagines to be the cooks and bakers at Betty Crocker HQ.

From your first five minutes swiping around the app, one gets the impression that it is designed not only as a matter-of-fact database but a food hub that’s much easier to access and navigate around than your average recipe website like Allecipes or BBC Good Food.

The fact that each recipe comes with its own clearly-presented set of instructions and method as well as the ingredients required to make it also works in this app’s favour. This is particularly good for bakers since having ingredients listed clearly in the precise amounts as well as the method described step by step can mean the difference between a soufflé and a souf-nay.

The Betty Crocker Cookbook

Interface and Presentation

The design of the app itself is also very difficult to pick holes in. Rather than lists and lists of monotonous words on neutral-coloured backgrounds, this app effectively slaps you in the face with vibrant colour and clean presentation from the get-go. Its home screen is comprised of a series of mouth-watering pictures of different food types, each organised into their sections and labelled with their appropriate categories (Appetizers, Bread, Beef, Cakes & Pies, Chicken, and so on). This is an excellent home-page design: clean, simple, and enticing.

The rest of the interface is also extremely well-presented as well as being easily navigable. A tap on the menu at the top-left corner of the screen brings up each of the app’s sections. Navigate to My Favourites and you’ll be able to pull up all of the recipes you’ve favourite. There’s also a Find A Recipe section, which allows you to utilise what is effectively an advanced search page where you can enter terms that you require, optional terms, and also the kind of meal you’re making. This narrows down your potential search returns substantially, which is important when you’re searching through over 15,000 recipes.

Extra Tools

There’s a few extra tools that will please the avid bakers out there, as well as vegetarians and gluten-free eaters. If you check out the Substitutions section, you can scroll through a comprehensive list of ingredients that you need to substitute; clicking on the ingredient will bring up one or more ingredients that can be used as said substitute.

Recipes even come with their own nutritional information breakdowns as well, for those looking to lose a little weight, as well as for people who are required to follow a diet low in fat, carbohydrates, or other nutritional groupings – this app makes tracking such things extremely easy to do.

One final thing here: the app won’t lock itself or have the screen go blank like many apps do. This means bakers and cooks don’t have to get their screen dirty turning it back on with hands full of flour or margarine.

Special Considerations

The Betty Crocker Cookbook

Finally, if you happen to require that your recipes are gluten-free, you have two options: either looking in the Gluten-Free section of the cookbook database itself, or using the search/find a recipe function bar. Finding gluten-free recipes is as easy as searching for the term “gluten” in the search bar, or using the filters in the Find a Recipe section – this should pull up any and all gluten-free recipes you require and is faster than scrolling through the cookbook. Vegetarians can also rejoice since their particular food choices are represented with their own searchable section as well.


When all is said and done, The Betty Crocker Cookbook is an Android app that packs a serious punch. Though it isn’t an integrated, multi-tool system like Perfect Bake, its recipe database is ample, its search functions allow you to search for specific terms and filter by recipe types, including gluten free and vegetarian. The Cookies and Bars section as well as Desserts, and the Cakes & Pies section will be of particular interest to keen bakers, as will the substitutions and conversion sections of the app. Finally, it’s all tied together with a clean, professional, and mouth-watering design from top to bottom, which makes this a highly recommended choice of app for cooks here and bakers.